How To Strip Your Phone

For best results, follow these steps to Strip your phone.

1. Wash your hands:  This will prevent your fingerprints from transferring to the sticky side of the Strip.  (This is especially important when applying the Quartz Strips.)

2. Clean your phone:  Strips stick best to clean phones. See below for cleaning tips.

3. Peel a Strip from its paper backing:  Bend or crease the paper backing to help lift the end of the Strip. (If you pick at the strip without bending the paper backing you may wrinkle or damage the end the Strip.)

4. Position the Strip:  Hold the Strip by one end and position the free end of the Strip along the edge of your phone. The Strip should not stick to your phone until you apply pressure. Gently tap on the free end of the Strip to lock it in place. (If you are not satisfied with the position of your Strip, carefully peel it up and try again. You should be able to make several attempts as long as you do not apply firm pressure to the Strip.)

5. Apply pressure:  Once you have your Strip right where you want it, apply firm pressure to the entire Strip using a repeated pressing motion. With each press, be sure to apply direct pressure to the Strip without sliding your finger. (If you press and slide your finger along the Strip before it is firmly set in place you may warp or wrinkle the Strip.)    

That's it!  You've Stripped your phone! 


To remove an old Strip:  Just pick at one end with your fingernail and slowly peel the Strip back.  Strips will not leave residue on your phone.  (Strips are not reusable.)

A note on Quartz (clear) Strips:  Initially you may notice a fine grid pattern under your Quartz Strips. This is a temporary effect. The grid pattern is a feature of the Strip adhesive system and will disappear within a day or so. 

Tips on cleaning your phone:  Strips will not adhere well to an oily phone so be sure to clean the edges of your phone thoroughly to remove any dirt or oils.   Alcohol wipes work well for this purpose but be careful to avoid contact with your screen (some types of screen coatings may be damaged by alcohol). If you are not comfortable using alcohol wipes you can clean the edges of your phone using a lint free cloth dampened with hot water. Allow the edges of your phone to dry completely.